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Derby Textile Artist

Innovative garments and textile art made using recycled and remnant materials

Blitz your Wardrobe

Do you have clothes you absolutely love but they're a bit dated?

Or maybe you've grown or shrunk and everything's the wrong size?

Let me Blitz your Wardrobe and then recreate it saving you lots of money into the bargain!

Here's how it works ...

  • We look through your wardrobe together
  • You try on your clothes
  • We decide which look great, which need updating, which can be altered to make something new ... and which need to go to a charity shop!
  • I take them away and repair, remodel, or completely remake ...

It might be:

  • Replacing the zips in much loved skirts or trousers
  • Creating an exclusive bag from a worn but favourite garment
  • Taking out those 80s shoulder pads and removing the traces!
  • Turning a favourite dress into a soon-to-be favourite skirt
  • Making garments bigger or smaller to fit the new you

... the possibilities are endless!!

  • Voila! A whole new wardrobe at a fraction of the cost of buying new (and SO good for the environment - you are recycling something you never wear into something new and you!)

Initial consultation £20 (refundable against cost of any work agreed). Then each repair/alteration/remake at a price agreed beforehand.

How good is that ...?

Ask Mig to blitz YOUR wardrobe now!